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Head: Leif Svanström, Professor Emeritus leif.svanstrom@ki.se
General Manager and Senior advisor Guldbrand Skjönberg guldbrand.skjonberg@ki.se

How to become an International Safe Community?
Do you want to become a Member of the International Safe Community Network?
The community starts the certifying process by:

Step 1. filling in the "Letter of intent" signed by the Mayor. see template:
and send it to WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion (WHO CCCSP), Leif.svanstrom@ki.se; ekonomi@phs.ki.se; isccs_admin@oshc.org.hk

Step 2. log in as new community in the web-based application system.
When the community have sent in "Letter of intent" and logged into the web-based system. The community in a few days will get “log in” information for access to the web-based application system. In this system the community will be able to follow the different steps in the certifying process.

International Safe Community Certification System
The electronic application system for International Safe Community Network membership has been developed by the Occupational Safety Council, Hong Kong; SAR China in collaboration with WHO CCCSP available since 20 October 2013.

1. User Manual for Community (pdf)
2. Work Flow of International Safe Community Certification System
New Administrative Fee to WHO CCCSP from 18 March, 2013 (info.)

Designated International Safe Communities: 346 ( Nov 2014)


The concept and logo of Safe Community is the intellectual property of the International Safe Community Movement.
Copyright © 2013 WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. All Rights Reserved.

Note: new address (2013)

Mailing address: Karolinska Institutet, Department of Public Health Sciences
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