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Safe Community Monthly News

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Community connect Newsletter - Safe Communities America- National Safety Council



Helmet Vaccine Newsletter
from Asia Injury Prevention Foundation mirjam.sidik@craftgreig1150.bmsend.com


Municipalidad de San Borja Comunidad Segura

Boletín Nº 3 - Noviembre 2012



Australian Safe Communities Foundation

ASCF December 2009 Update


Safe Community Weekly News in Chinese special version No. 1 in 2007

February 18th-March 3, 2007

Catch Up News!
Former Safe Communities newsletter editor Yousif Rahim has kindly collected and sent reports from SC activities around the world, dating from last summer. This month, we are concentrating on posting these reports, in one great big catch up. Click here to link to the PDF file, which contains interesting reports on

Cosgrove Safe School Accreditation, New Zealand
The First National Meeting of Provincial Focal Points for Injury & Violence Prevention in IR Iran
Official Site Visit to 5 Communities in Vietnam
Study visit to Dungshr and Neihu safe communities in Taiwan by Japanese delegates
Traffic police on special duty in Wulipaifang China
Kameoka Japan makes a start for Safe Community
Preparation underway for the 16th International Safe Communities Conference, 11-13 June 2007, Tehran, IR of IRAN (part I)
Japan is preparing for a network of Safety Promotion
Taiwan Safe Communities (SC) Conference September 2006
Rabies prevention lecture in Youth Park Community
Logo and Slogan Collecting and Selecting in Huamu China The National Conference of Safe Community was organized by China Occupational Safety and Health Association (COSHA) from September 10 to 12, 2006. Visit to Latrobe City - 19 September 2006.
Dr Zhou Ming (Barry) and Dr Zhong Jieming (Michael) are from Zhejiang provincial Center for Disease Control in Hangzhou, China The Czech Republic has Launched the Designated Driver Campaign
Changes in the Highway Code in the Czech Republic
Hume City #10 Safe Community - Redesignation
New Safe Communities Townsville/Thuringowa Safe Communities #103
Birth of Youth Park Safe Community Monthly Bulletin
Murrays Bay School & Murrays Bay Intermediate in North Shore, Auckland accreditated as International Safe Schools
Bicycle use campaign in Safe Community Kromeriz, Czech Republic





Other News

December 15-31, 2006

Click on headlines to learn more

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WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion

Two New Certifying Centres designated!


Sedona in February? A Safe Schools Conference to warm up your Winter

SafeComm 16


SHOROC redesignated- a programme that works

Hume City Redesignated- five more years

Townsville and Thuringowa in the News!

Northcott a valued SC network member

Overview of the Victoria Safe Communities Network Conference with great pictures

Melbourne's redesignated SC programme shares data- trends are promising

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Two new candidate safe communities in Bosnia & Hercegovina


Shanghai makes progress on SC status


Conference Planning Proceeding Smoothly in Iran

Victims of Road Traffic Injuries remembered in Iran


Kazakhstan first in Central Asia to investigate SC

New Zealand

Safe Schools designated in North Shore, New Zealand

Waimakariri District Council Safe Community Redesignation 2006

Waitakere New Zealand's SC programme


Vietnam's in SC News

A note to our readers- In the next few weeks we will be reorganizing our newsletter and news sites, combining them into one big fat section, full of information. We will be posting news each week (or two, depending on holidays) with newest items first, so you can find it easily. Once a month, except December and August, we will be putting out special editions of our newsletter, which will focus on subjects of interest to SC programme practitioners. We have upcoming editions planned for Child Safety, and Evaluating Your Safe Communities Programmes, with the start of the new year. We welcome your news items, and ideas for themes.Please send your articles in PDF or Word format, including all pictures or graphics in the body of the article. Please email Diana Stark Ekman with your articles or story suggestions.


Next edition of Weekly news to be published Jan 12, 2007 and thereafter, every Friday until Spring Vacation. Your articles always welcome.

Special Edition Vietnam, November 2005


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